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CVSDC video editor is a convenient, reliable and powerful video editing software, you can use it to cut and merge video files, apply sound and visual effects, add filters, perform image correction, create slide shows and add background music. Its’ multi-color chroma key and advanced attribute settings enable upgrade the video to professional level. It supports almost all of the video formats and a variety of video decoders which can improve your work efficiency greatly.

CVSDC video editing software provides many valuable functions and it has simple intuitive interactive interface, which can help you create video with ease. In addition, the software comes with a DVD burning tool, which allows you to easily burn the results of the work to the disc. In addition, it also supports video format conversion, video capture and other functions, dedicated to editing video files and creating various visual and audio effects. The program provides a wealth of features, but has a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to create a minimal video.

Functions of VSDC Video Editor

1. Support basic video editing functions such as cutting, cropping and merging
2. Support adding background music, subtitle text etc.
3. Supports importing video files from multiple devices, and VSDC Pro Video Editor is currently the only free video processing software that allows users to adopt the new H265 / HEVC encoding method when exporting videos.
4. Support adding filter effects, especially Instagram-style filters, with advanced video color correction.
5. Built-in video converter, screen recording, recording, screenshot, CD burning and upload to YouTube.
6. Non-linear editing: edit multiple files simultaneously.
7. Use hardware acceleration to export high-quality video formats, and even export videos at twice the speed of HD videos
8. Video debounce.
9. Simultaneously record voice.
10. More functions: Blending mode, mask tool, advanced multi-color chroma key, free transform tool, audio spectrum and noise removal.

Features of VSDC Video Editor

1. Double speed: A more stable and faster version allows you to manage video clips faster.
2. Enhanced resolution: Sub-pixel resolution image and video processing for more accurate results.
3. Mask tool: You can hide, blur or highlight parts of the video with more than 10 masks.
4. Multi-color chroma key: Add a suitable background color to the video to create a professional TV room picture
5. Advanced settings: Create curved motion paths for video objects and effectively adjust parameter settings.

Download VSDC Video Editor from Official site(Free and Pro Version available)

VSDC Video Editor Review

We collect reviews from three authoritative review website, hope it can help you estimate whether should you try VSDC.

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vsdc review from pcmag

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vsdc review from pcworld

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vsdc review from techradar

As the reviews above, VSDC does not get a high recommendation from three top review websites, therefore, I think you may also want to have a look Openshot, Adobe premiere Pro cc and Lightwork.

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