OpenShot Video Editor Review in 2020

OpenShot is a professional and powerful free video editing software. Although it is free, the function is not ambiguous. It has video editing functions such as video cropping, splitting, merging, rotating, over-compositing, adding special effects, watermarking, etc. which which is on a par with professional video editing software.

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Features of OpenShot
OpenShot Video Editor Review
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Features of OpenShot

1. Cross-platform
OpenShot is a multi-platform video editor that supports Linux, Mac and Windows.

2. Trim and Cut
Quickly trim your video and find those perfect moments. OpenShot has many simple ways to reduce your video.

3. Animation and Keyframes
With powerful animation framework, you can fade in, fade, bounce and animate your projects.

4. Infinite Orbit
Add more layers, watermarks, background videos, audio tracks, and more what you want.

5. Video Effects
Use Openshot video effects engine to remove backgrounds from your videos, invert colors, adjust brightness, and more.

6. Audio Waveform
Use OpenShot to visualize audio files into waveforms and even output waveforms as part of the video.

7. Title Editor
Adding titles to your videos has never been easier. Use one of the templates or make your own template.

8. 3D Animation
Render beautiful 3D animated titles and effects such as snow, lens flares, or flying text.

9. Slow Motion and Time Effect
Control the power of time, reverse, slow down, speed up the video. Use presets or animations to play speed and direction.

10. Edit the Video
Drag and drop video, audio or images from your file manager to OpenShot. Starting video editing is easy.

11. 70 languages
Openshot is available in many different languages and can translate online Launchpad.

12. Simple user interface
Openshot is designed to be the easiest and most friendly video editing software.

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OpenShot Video Editor Review

Review from Authoritative Website

openshot review from techradar

Review from Personal Users

I’ve come across a few issues when using OpenShot and since it is free, I don’t have much to complain about. I’m happy to use it, it can be run on a computer with low ram and it has most of the common features most video editing software has.

The biggest advantage of OpenShot is it is a completely free video editing software which is perfect for those people who want to make video for personal non-commercial use. It has a user-friendly interface that you can see all the common features in the main window which is very good for newbie. So far, I do not have any problem by using Openshot to do my work.

Almost all of the free video editor would have some problem and do not provide support if you have any problem. But I think Openshot is the best one in all the free video program, it is easy to import videos into the program from many formats and make high quality video with its’ inbuilt effects.

Alternatives to Openshot

Openshot can’t meet your requirement of video editing? Take a look at Shotcut, Lightworks, Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

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