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We reviewed Apple Final Cut Pro before, and today we will review another video editing software developed by Apple, that is iMovie.

To begin with, iMoive is a video editing program written by Apple computer, it is a part of iLife, iLife is an application suite for Macintosh computers. Afterwards, iMovie allows users to edit their own home movies on iOS. When iMovie first released, it was popular for simplicity, and most of the work required only a simple click and drag.

The latest version is iMovie’11, here are the main features of iMovie’11
1. Movie Trailer
You can make your own trailer with iMovie ’11. There are 15 movie trailer templates including adventures, epic dramas, romantic comedies and more available. Simply click on your video clip, put it in the storyboard, add the character name, personalize the theme, and let iMovie cast the magic. It trims video clips and adds transition effects, themes, and special effects. A fantastic trailer was completed.
2. New audio editing
With the new audio editing tools in iMovie, you can transform yourself from an independent producer to an outstanding one. To adjust the volume of an entire clip or section, simply drag the volume slider; to shorten or lengthen the fade effect, drag the fade edge. Once modified, the waveform will be updated immediately to show you what you heard. The new single-line display presents your entire movie project on the same line, making it easier to preview and edit tracks.
3. Step effects
Visual effects make family videos more enjoyable, as long as you tap it. You can also add jumper and reverse effects at the right point in the music, changing some parts of the clip from color to black and white, sepia or illusion. Select a clip and pick one of more than 12 special effects, then click to apply it.
4. Character Finder
Without having to search through all the footage, iMovie lets you easily find the characters. By analyzing the video to find the faces in it, the character finder can identify the segments containing the characters and then tell you the number of people in each scene. This feature also allows you to find close-up shots, mid-range shots, and wide-angle shots, allowing you to easily grab video clips when needed. Character Finder is particularly suitable for the production of movie trailers. With it, you can quickly find the right shot and put it in the storyboard of the movie trailer.
5. Sports and news topics
Turn your video into a news story with exquisite graphics, smooth transition effects, and shocking titles written by yourself. With sports themes, whether it’s a trivial baseball game, a round of golf, or a skateboarding contest in the park, you can turn it into a focus sports video. You can add sporty graphics and transitions, and use dynamic topics such as match scores, team matchups, and player statistics. The sports theme also includes a sports team editor that allows you to seamlessly integrate your own player photos, lists, profiles, and team logos into any sports theme video.
6. Premiere
iMovie ’11 lets you browse your videos in more ways and more channels. With the high-resolution graphics enhancements for the new MacBook Pro’s Retina display, you can enjoy watching movies directly in iMovie. You can export videos to iTunes and watch them on iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple TV. When you export HD full HD video at 1080p resolution, whatever kind of video you share will be amazing.

Now let’s take a look at how authoritative assessment websites and direct consumers say about iMoive

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iMovie Reviews from Direct Consumers

iMoive is pretty easy to use that it can be mastered by a lot of people in a very within a short time. As a basic starter video editing software, it contains nearly every aspect of editing and wonderful effects. Editing audio layers precisely can be done simply, even if for those people without audio clips experience.

It’s a good choice to get basic video editing software for designers who use Mac computer. It’s free to download. I still use iMoive because of its’ simplicity and accessibility although I edit video skillfully.

It’s difficult to manage file. If you don’t want the pan and zoom effect, you need to change it for each other. I think it would be much better if we can choose pan or zoom when importing pictures. Anyway, it’s not my favorite video editing tool.

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