Apple Final Cut Pro X Review

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In the previous article, we evaluated Adobe Premiere Pro, for most people, it is the best video editing software for Windows, and today we will take a look at the best video editing software for Mac- Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Pro is a professional video nonlinear editing software developed by Apple, the latest version is the Final Cut Pro X. Then how people say about this video editing tool? Let us see.

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Apple Final Cut Pro X Review from Authoritative Review Websites

PCMAG Techradar Macworld
Pro Magnetic, trackless timeline. Superior organization tools, including libraries, ratings, tagging, auto analysis for faces, scenes. Support for 360-degree footage and HDR. Multicam support. Fast performance. MacBook Touch Bar support. Support for 360-degree VR footage
LUT and HDR support
Improved color correction tools
Seamless support for iOS iMovie projects
Several small innovations in workflow and organization make it a delight to use once you adapt to it
High-quality effects, transitions, and titles
Not sold as a subscription; you buy it, you own it
P3 wide color gamut (Rec. 2020) support
Great importer
Cons Nontraditional timeline-editing may turn off longtime editors. Can’t import projects from previous versions without a third-party plug-in. No stabilization or motion tracking for 360-degree video. Still incomplete audio tools
No collaboration capabilities
Longstanding glitches still not fixed
Unusual approach to timeline editing will turn off many experienced users
Team collaboration tools don’t quite match those of competitors
Need additional software (Apple Compressor) or the full range of export formats
Conclusion Apple’s professional-level video editing software, Final Cut Pro X, brings a wealth of power in an interface simple for pros and consumers alike. Recent highlights include rich support for 360-degree content and improved stability. Welcome new features have been added to an already powerful and affordable video editing application. The Mac-exclusive Final Cut Pro X is the very definition of a “prosumer video” editing program—descended from a much more expensive professional tool, it attempts to bridge the gap or hit a sweet spot between consumers who want something powerful but easy and affordable, and professionals who can’t bear to lose a single piece of functionality.

Apple Final Cut Pro X Review from Direct Consumer

Final Cut is a lot faster. It’s a big reason I bought a Mac.

I love have final cut has images of transitions and effects! It makes it helpful for beginners!

I use final cut pro x at work and adobe premier at home.

Use Final Cut Pro in Comm Arts to explore 7th grade Science concepts! They are explaining the ideas in such creative ways.

If something is difficult to do in iMovie, jut installed Final Cut Pro

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