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edit video with clipchamp

Nowadays, recording a video is becoming far more common, we would like to record our life, a travel, or a teaching tutorial into video using our phones or cameras. Before sharing the videos to others, you may want to quick edit the videos to make it more attractive, then you need an easy video editor to help you to do that.

For example, after I record a video tutorial about how to make a paper airplane, I want to trim off unwanted edges of the screen, trim unwanted front and back paragraphs, adjust screen color, and then quickly convert the format and compression, so that I can share on the Internet, and even make GIF animation. Today I would share a video editor called Clipchamp, Clipchamp is a free video editor that meets the above requirements, and it is really very easy to get started and run smoothly. It allows you to edit five videos per month for free and get more free video credits for each other by inviting friends to become the members of Clipchamp.

Features of Clipchamp

I have introduced a lot of video editing software before which can meet different requirements, like openshot, lightwork, final cut pro etc. then why I still want to recommend Clipchamp? Here are 6 reasons:

• It is an online tool without downloading a software to use, just register an account to use it.
• Fast speed, convert video format smoothly, simple interface.
• Output high quality video even with free version.
• The free version offer certain usage quota.
• Convenient for small tasks such as video cropping, format conversion, compression and retouching without the need for relatively complex complete video editing software.
• It also supports convert video into an animated GIF.

How to Use Clipchamp to Edit Video

It is super easy to use Clipchamp to edit video. Open the official website of Clipchamp, login your Clipchamp’s account and upload the video you need to edit as the picture below shows:

upload video on clipchamp

At this time, you can adjust the resolution, video format and video quality on the left of the video preview. You can also let Clipchamp automatically adjust the settings for you based on whether you want to use a web page, mobile phone, computer or an animated GIF.

Hit: If you need to convert your video into GIF, you need to select “Animation (GIF)” under the table of “I want to optimize for” option. Otherwise, you cannot select the GIF format in the “Format” option below.

set format of clipchamp

After setting the format you want to convert after compression, you can use Clipchamp’s simple editing function which under the video preview to make adjustments.

Although there are no movie special effects or editing functions, if you want to remove the video the beginning or the ending of the video, crop perspective, rotate, or adjust exposure, contrast and color, it all can be done, and it is simple and fast.

edit video with clipchamp

After completing the video editing settings, press “Start” button, then Clipchamp will start to convert the format. The progress would be very fast, after the video is completed, you can download and use it!

clipchamp conversion

Clipchamp is simple and easy to use. Although it is not a professional level video editor, it can satisfy common trivial tasks of video editing. Just visit Clipchamp’s official site, if you want to edit video on your mobile device, then just download Clipchamp app, and see if Clipchamp is good for you.

Tip: If the five videos per month quota is not enough, then you can click “Earn Vides” menu to get your invitation link and send it to your friends. As long as your friends sign up with the invitation URL, both of you will get extra video credit.

Clipchamp Create Review

Most people agree that Clipchamp is easy to use and edit video super quickly

It lacks some complex editing functions, and the quality should be higher.

If you just want to find a video software to edit your video simply, not professionally, then Clipchamp would be a great choice.

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