Norton Antivirus Review of 2018

Norton is one of the personal information security products in Symantec company, it is a widely used antivirus program. Norton is not only an anti-virus software, but also an anti-spyware software. Norton antivirus products include Norton Internet Security, Norton Antivirus, Norton 360 etc. Symantec also has a version for enterprise use that is called Symantec Endpoint Protection.

In the United States, Norton (Symantec) is the number one antivirus software in market share, and competing McAfee and Trend Micro share the second and third positions.

1. Say Goodbye to the Virus
It’s easy to download Norton antivirus, it will scan your download files and remove the online threats. Their powerful Browser Protection can block unsafe websites that can secretly download software to steal personal information or control your computer.
2. Destroy online identity thieves
Norton can block “phishing” websites designed to trick you into revealing passwords, credit card numbers, or even worse.
3. Protect Your Child from Internet Home Protection
Easily connect to Norton Internet Home Protection from your Norton Control Center.
Keep track of your online activities by tracking websites your child visits and stop them from visiting inappropriate sites. Pay close attention to your child’s social networking activities and the objects they chat on the internet, and discover potential risks in a timely manner.
4. Intelligent and Smart
Norton will not affect your work or reduce computer speed. Very smart, scan and updates, no eed to restart after the upgrade.
5. Cloud-Based Norton Cloud Management
You can repair, update, renew, or install Norton products on other computers without having to search for product keys or installation CDs. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can work from anywhere on the Internet.
6. Data Backup
The Auto Backup feature manages photos, music, and other important files and backs them up to disk, USB devices, or one of our secure online data centers. Use government-level encryption technology to protect your online backup files, help you quickly recover and run – Norton Backup restores files with just a few clicks.

Now let’s check how customers reviews Norton antivirus

Norton Antivirus Reviews from Authoritative Websites

Norton review from PCmag:

norton review from pcmag

Norton review from toptenreviews:
norton review from toptenreviews

Norton Review from PCworld
norton review from pcworld

Norton Antivirus Reviews from Direct Customers

Positive Reviews

I have been using Norton antivirus for a long time. There’s no more virus infection since I running Norton security on my computer. My computer is very old, but Norton works very well on old computer.

I had some problems with installation and Norton’s support helped me in a quick time. I never have any virus problem since install Norton. As to me, Norton is better than McAfee. I been using Norton for many years, keep up the good work!

Bought one Norton software and used it on several devices. I have used Norton for 3 years and never had a bad virus. I used free antivirus program long before but i have better feeling about Norton

Negative Reviews

I lost all my files when a reinstall Norton. Have no idea what happened, and got no response from the customer service.

I bought a new laptop, while I want to switch Norton account to the new device, I was told that my new laptop didn’t support Norton.

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