McAfee Antivirus Review: Should you buy it in 2018?

McAfee is the world’s largest professional security technology company which provides prospective and practicing solutions and service. It provides security protection for systems and networks worldwide as well as help enterprise and home users to protect against malware and emerging cyber threats.

All McAfee products are take well-known anti-virus research organizations such as McAfee AVERT as an account, which protects their customers from the latest and most sophisticated viruses, making McAfee anti-virus is one of the best antivirus software in the world.

In addition to operating interface updates, McAfee antivirus software also brings together the company’s WebScanX functionality, adding many new features. Besides helping you detect and remove viruses, it also has a VShield auto-monitoring system that will stay in the System Tray and will automatically detect file security when opening files from disk, network, or e-mail files.

McAfee provides two solutions for consumer and for business. The Business and enterprise security solutions deliver the highest levels of threat visibility and antimalware protection, including comprehensive system and endpoint protection, network security, cloud security, database security, endpoint detection and response, and data protection. And the home version, without the enterprise version of the rules set, more suitable for home users, defense capabilities are among the strongest in all antivirus software, its advantages lie in powerful monitoring, 24 hours to provide a strong protection system, effectively solve unknown virus infection, timely blocking The only drawback is that hacking, intelligence, and humanity are the same.

Now let’s see the McAfee reviews from the professional review sites and customers to see if you should by the antivirus or not.

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McAfee antivirus review from Customers

Positive Reviews to McAfee

My overall experience with McAfee is great. McAfee works really well for me that I like it very much!! I work as a finance consultant that I have many important customer data on my laptop. I feel safe and comfortable when I using it. Many of my friends also use McAfee and all satisfied with it.

I used McAfee because it highly recommended by my friend Bruce. It is easy to use and it updates regularly which make me have great confidence with it. Moreover, it also tell me the possible problems and I can choose whether to address it or not. I haven’t had any viruses since using McAfee. Therefore, my overall experience with this antivirus software has been very good.

I use McAfee for my two computers and my mobile phone. It’s very good, I didn’t catch anything that would harm my devices. I will continue to use McAfee product.
Highly recommended!

Negative Reviews to McAfee

Although it’s free with my new computer, I uninstall it finally because it didn’t show us what viruses were scanned. It has regular updates, but does it aims to the latest viruses we concerned? I’m not sure, so I use another antivirus tool instead.

I have used McAfee more than a year, but yesterday I stuck in loading this software, I uninstall and reinstall the program but didn’t work, the homepage still couldn’t be opened.
Very disappointed in McAfee antivirus, I will not use it again

I purchased McAfee LiveSafe and installed it in my laptop last week. Few days ago I got a warning message when the program scan my laptop. I couldn’t figure out what doesn’t it mean and how to solve it. When I shut down the warning message and clicked to continue scan, I was asking to submit my personal information to buy it again. And I didn’t get any response from their customer service before I write down this review.

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