Kaspersky Antivirus Review: Is Kaspersky a Good Antivirus Program?

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Kaspersky is one of the anti-virus software using the most advanced technology in the world, its’ full name is “Kaspersky Lab”. Kaspersky is developed by a Russian called Kim Kaspersky.

Kaspersky Lab Company provides anti-virus, anti-hacking and anti-spam products for individual users and corporate networks. After 14 years of fighting with computer viruses, Kaspersky gained unique knowledge and technology, making Kaspersky a technological leader and expert in virus defense. The company’s flagship product, the famous Kaspersky Security software, is aimed at home and individual users and can completely protect users’ computers from all kinds of Internet threats.

Key Features

1. Secure payment
When you shopping online or operate bank business, Kaspersky will protect your funds and personal information with its’ unique secure payment technology. It will compare the website’s URL with their secure website database, check the certificate used to establish a secure connection to prevent you from being directed to a counterfeit website and check for vulnerabilities on any operation system which may affect your online banking business on your computer.

2. Secure and Virtual Keyboards
Cybercriminals use key loggers and screen casting malware to record bank account information, credit card numbers, or other important information that the user enters through the keyboard. Kaspersky security keyboard allows you to input data through the computer’s physical keyboard, and your information is not captured by the key logger. With Kaspersky virtual keyboard you can enter data with multiple mouse clicks so that your important information is not tracked by key loggers, hackers and identity thieves or steal.

3. Automatic vulnerability intrusion prevention
Even if your computer and the applications you are running on do not have the latest patches and patches installed, Kaspersky can also prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited by controlling the start of executable files in applications that contain vulnerabilities, analyzing the behavior of executables to identify similarities with malicious programs and limiting Allowed Applications for Vulnerable Applications.

4. Trusted application pattern
This new Kaspersky Security technology uses Kaspersky White List service information to limit which applications are allowed to run on your computer. Kaspersky is the only network security software vendor with its own white list laboratory. The lab can evaluate applications to determine if the applications that customers run on their computers are secure. When Trusted Application Mode is enabled, only applications that Kaspersky designated as “trusted” can run on your computer. All other applications will be limited.

5. Resist lock screen malware
The lock screen Trojan can prevent the user from using the computer unless the user pays a “ransom” to eliminate the lock screen limitation. If cybercriminals attempt to use the lock screen Trojan to control your computer, simply activate Kaspersky’s protection against the lock screen Trojan. Kaspersky Security Software 2014 will end all dangerous processes and start related virus treatment

Now let’s check how people say about Kaspersky software

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Kaspersky Antivirus Review from Customers

Kaspersky is excellent software and i like the Safe Money feature very much. I always open it when I place an order on my computer.

Kaspersky was recommended to me by my colleague. I used a couple of other antivirus software before yet they all were not as good. Though it is expensive, but I think it worth it because it protect my computer, you will get a notification if you were attacked.

I have used Kaspersky for more than 3 years, and it works well on my computer all the time. I have several security program and Kaspersky solved it quickly.

Some problem occurred when install Kaspersky, got hung up. I have to uninstall it but it couldn’t be uninstall completely. Moreover, it blocked my internet access to all the websites.

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