Bitdefender Review: Is It Best Antivirus Software in 2020?

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When you search “the best antivirus software” in Google, you may find the many results would point to Norton or Kaspersky. Actually, Bitdefender is a smart antivirus program which most people thought it is better than Norton and Kaspersky.

BitDefender (short for BD) is a security software brand from Romania. Its parent company, SOFTWIN, was established in 1990 to provide high-end software solutions and related services. Its customers are mainly targeted at large banking, national service departments, public utilities, logistics and communications industries. Bitdefender protect your computer in real time. It has strong anti-virus capabilities and multi-level ransomware protection. Its powerful firewall, Internet protection, one-click cleaning and optimization system, etc. will protect your computer safely.

Features of Bitdefender

>Top Security Protection
BitDefender’s powerful technology can eliminate the most dangerous cyber threats including traditional viruses, worms, Trojans, malicious ransomware, zero-day threats, rootkits, spyware, and more.

> Active Threat Control
Its’ proactive defense technology monitors the program running at any time, and intercept suspicious behavior immediately.

>Extortion Protection
Bitdefender Total Security can block all known and unknown malicious ransomware and prevent them from encrypting your important data. You can set which areas of files you want to protect yourself.

Bitdefender’s new firewall has excellent performance in blocking intrusions and efficiently filtering in and out connections, even in WIFI environments!

>Worry-free online transaction protection
Bitdefender Safepay ™ secure browser can help you worry-free online transactions and online shopping, protect your account security and prevent you from being deceived. It can now help you automatically get your credit card information to the appropriate field.

>Rescue Mode
Some viruses may not be processed in the normal mode of Windows and may not have sufficient permissions, such as rootkits. You can use BitDefender rescue mode, in which you can remove all kinds of stubborn viruses.

>Powerful Anti-Fishing
Sniff and block websites masquerading as trusted agencies to prevent theft of important information such as your passwords and credit card numbers.

How People Say about Bitdefender

First of all, let us see how the authority think about Bitdefender.

Bitdefender review tom’s guide

Tomsguide think Bitdefender continues to remain the best choice in antivirus software in 2020, it charges less but do more. Take a glance at the summery of Bitdefender review from Tomsguide from the picture below.

Bitdefender review tom’s guide

Bitdefender review CNET

CNET thought Bitdefnder is still a top-performing security suite that improves over time by adjusting to your computer usage and performance. See more viewpoints from CNET

Bitdefender review CNET

Bitdefender reviews from Quora

Then how the common users think about Bitdefender? Let’s check bitdefender reviews from Quora.

a. Is Bitdefender a good antivirus?
Answer from Thaw Pau:
Yes, I would recommend Bitdefender antivirus to one who is willing to spend money for a paid product. But, stay away from the free version (either bitdefender, kaspersy, avast, etc).

b. Is Bitdefender worth paying for?
Answer from Andre Schwab:
It is a top-rated protection system, and is a good program to have protecting your system. I also like the fact that you are considering purchasing the program. Too many times all we want is free! Not thinking of the hard work of the programmers.

c. Is Bitdefender safe? Why or why not?
Answer from Rahul Chatterjee:
Depends on particular edition. If you are using Bitdefender Internet security/total security there is no need to switch to an another one because currently it is at top spot and from the last couple of months it remains at the top spot consistently (based on the results of several independent lab tests).

Reading here, you have known a bit about Bitdefender, if you want to have a try, download Bitdefender from official site and start now!

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