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Avira AntiVir is an anti-virus software developed by a German company called Avira. Avira provides commercial version and personal version. It is a well-know free antivirus software without splendid interface and useless items, it is widely used by more than seventy million people in the world. The personal version is free, but it doesn’t mean it’s’ quality is poor. On the contrary, it performs very well on system scan, real-time protection and automatic update, even better than a lot of paid antivirus software. With efficient heuristic scanning, 70% of unknown viruses can be detected.

Features of Avira:
1. Easy to install, fast scan, high detection, low resource consumption.
2. Obtained the first 16 kinds of anti-virus software that participated in evaluation in the global authority of anti-virus software evaluation agency.
3, Ranked first in the malicious program’s (adware, spyware, etc.) evaluation.
4. Avira’s virus protection running smoothly in the background, it does not affect users to use the computer.
5. Does not account for memory, the interface is extremely humane, highly defensive, very likable, and very good operation, start and kill speed is also very fast,
6. The rate of killing the red Avira is high.

Antivirus Pro: $44.99
Internet Security Suite: $57.99
Prime (Support for Android and iOS) : $99.99

Now let’s see how people say about Avira.

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avira review from pcmag

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Avira Review from Customers

I like Avira very much! It consumes little device resource, and protect computer quite well. With the protection of Avira, I no longer worry about any virus when browse content online. 

It’s the free antivirus software with high detection level from malware and virus. The new version has a good interface and it updates regularly.

Easy to use. No. 1 free antivirus program in the world. It works very good on email and website protection.

It took a lot of time to optimize my computer, Avira claims that it can speed up the boot time of computer, very disappointed. I have not using Avira now.

Not good for older system, the startup time is very long.

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